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Customized cooling fan service

Welcome to customize your own brand products. Customization can not only avoid the pressure of homogeneous competition in the industry, but also improve the recognition of your company's products and form a brand effect. OEM processing takes up the least capital for brand companies and increases the speed of new products entering the market. "Private labeling" is a good choice to quickly occupy the market in a short period of time.

  • Customizable appearance

    Customization of product mold, structure, size, dimensions, cables, function extension, etc.

  • Material can be customized

    Under the premise of ensuring quality, existing materials or specified materials can be customized according to experimental data.

  • LOGO can be customized

    The brand LOGO can be printed on the product or on the label.

  • Customizable packaging

    Domestic and foreign multi-language packaging, different markets, differentiated packaging needs of different customer types, etc. can all be customized as required.

Custom conditions
industrial fan_Custom conditions
                There is a minimum order quantity requirement for customizable single orders, which is based on the customer's customized products and is produced in accordance with the contract agreement with relevant sales.
industrial fan_Differentiated customization
                As for the long-term needs of factories, traders or brand owners, we can customize them according to their requirements.
industrial fan_Negotiation customization
                If you need a unique design for your product but don’t want it to be the same as other solutions on the market, you can negotiate and customize it according to your specific requirements.
industrial fan_Customized solutions
                If the product needs special functional assistance or development and application in new fields, we can assist in discussing and researching customized solutions.
pre-sale service
industrial fan_Provide technical consultation

Provide technical consultation

                    We will communicate instantly and provide customers with any professional technical and price consultation (through the Internet, telephone, letters, etc.) as needed, and provide relevant samples and product information, and give quick responses to customer concerns in a timely manner, such as: the application differences of various products in different environments, the differences in installation and use, how to select models, etc.

industrial fan_Provide inspection reception

Provide inspection reception

                    We sincerely welcome customers to visit our company at any time. Our inspection reception team is composed of experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of the target market and provide a full range of services and support according to customer needs.

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