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industrial fan(Car charging pile cooling fan)

Car charging pile cooling fan

Various models of electric vehicles can be charged according to different voltage levels. Charging piles generally provide conventional charging and fast charging.Charging piles with different powers use different specifications of cooling fans.

industrial fan(Energy storage equipment cooling fan)

Energy storage equipment cooling fan

The development of green energy has become a hot topic worldwide.As an important supplement to renewable energy, energy storage technology has gradually been widely used.However, the safety and reliability of energy storage have always been issues of concern.

industrial fan(Wind turbine cooling fan)

Wind turbine cooling fan

As a safe and clean renewable energy, wind energy has attracted more and more attention.Wind power generation equipment is a power generation equipment that relies on capturing wind energy and converting kinetic energy into electrical energy.In modern large-scale wind turbines, as the power generated by a single machine increases, the power generation components inside the wind turbine generate more and more heat.

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